NInjakiwi Coins, or more commonly known as NK Coins, are a form of electronic money used for their website. It replaced Mochicoins, and compensated any users who lost Mochicoins with NK coins. NK coins cost 10 real-world-cents each.

NK coins used to be able to be gotten for free 5-650 at a time with their free coin offers, but because Ninjakiwi is slowly growing into a website where buying anything costs 80 coins (8 dollars), and is pay to win. It also is a very stupid system as NK could easily have input a system where x amount of achievements from x game gets you x NK coins to make them accessible to people who don't want to spend 10$ to get a free monkey on a browser game every day. They can also be gotten on the Wheel of Fate, but that's simply not true as no user has ever reported landing on the NK Coins spot even when there were 2/4 slots filled with 60 nk coin bounties each. Overall, nobody likes NK Coins except for staff as it gets them money.

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