Bloons Pop Three

The Bloons Pop 3 symbol.

Bloons Pop Three is a game that was created by Ninja Kiwi.

How to Play?Edit

The objective is to match three or more bloons of the same color. The more bloons popped at once, the more the points you get.

Types of BloonsEdit

When a Tack Bloon is popped, 8 tacks come out from the north,northeast,east,southeast,south,southwest,west,and northwest, similar to how the Tack Shooter shoots tacks.

When a Spike Bloon is popped, a spiked ball comes out and falls. The spiked ball on a Spike-o-Pult is very similar.

When a Lightsaber Bloon is popped, a lightsaber appears and pops bloons at the left and the right, just like the Lightsaber Bloon on Bloons.

If a Popcorn Bloon is popped, popcorn comes out to the center and pops many bloons.


Hint ButtonEdit

Use this button to get a hint. Once clicked, you will lose 200 points and it will show you a hint. If you have less than 200 points, you can't use the Hint Button.

Pause ButtonEdit

Use this button to pause the game.

Start Over ButtonEdit

Use this button to start over.


  • This is called Bloons Pop 3 because of the objective, not because it is the third game in a Bloons Pop series, for there was not a Bloons Pop or a Bloons Pop 2.

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