Bloons Monkey City is a new game that Ninja Kiwi has released in beta, so anyone with a Ninja Kiwi account can play. It was released on 11/25/2013. It can now be played on Kongregate as well, but with a different account. A mobile version was released on 12/4/2014

The objective of the game is to build and expand a city by capturing tiles. To do this, however, you must defend against bloon hordes and survive with at least one life. When a player first starts Bloons Monkey City, they will start off with 2 Dart Monkeys, but more towers can be gained by buying the tower's building and placing it on a captured tile. The way you unlock upgrades is different from most other bloon games. To unlock upgrades, you must research them in special upgrade buildings for City Cash (one of the currencies of the game), although some require special buildings such as the Center Of Camo Countermeasures.